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Hi, My name is Bren and I am an alcoholic.

I struggled for years with drinking and paid a high price with missed opportunities and devastated relationships.  I went from living a rockstar lifestyle, buying and doing up houses - to being the last guy in the pub at closing - to waking up first thing Monday morning and pouring a glass a wine.

I stopped drinking for the final time just on two years ago.  I say for the final time because I quit and then relapsed for about four years before that.

Now, I do yoga four days a week, and this Sunday I compete in my second half marathon.

A crucial part of my recovery was to write a blog and I wrote http://soberin100days.blogspot.com for the last five years and connected with thousands of readers who are living a similar life.  Tired of drinking and in need of a change.

So, with some encouragement, I wrote my first book.  And then my second.  And I'm on my third right now.

Today, I am giving my 206 page Live Alcohol Free pre-quit program away for free and I am putting out a genuine call for you guys to leave a genuine review - it's a fair exchange - I spend twelve months of my life writing about my deepest darkest personal journey and you get it for free for just two lines of a review - that's fair!

OK, anything else - please let me know - can you please check out the flow of subscribing at http://brenmurphy.net and point out any weaknesses or flaws - don't be shy I am seeking some forthright feedback - I trust you guys - you have a good eye.

Thanks Bren

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