Ben Harper Drugs Don't Work

No matter what happened or how tired you are...

Everyone has something they are fearful of.
Fear breeds more fear - it becomes like an amoeba, engulfing your vision, your dreams, your self belief.
Fear leads to inaction.  Simply - why bother when it will most likely fail?  Why attempt something when it will flood my body with the sensations of fear - sweaty palms, fast heartbeat, butterflies in stomach, thirst, shallow breath.
Long term cost of fear is shrinking further and further into your comfort zone  - and seeking more and more elaborate bells and whistles to keep you distracted from your fear. 

Best way forward?  Motion, movement and flow.  Motion releases the emotion, so you can actually see through the fog and focus on facts.  Its' never quite so bad, never as dramatic or disastrous.  Oh, and sleep and rest - "Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.."

Soundgarden in Suburbia

Soundgarden in suburbia

Wandering through a smoky room, somewhere in suburbia, kitchen bench cluttered with glasses and bottles and lean long youths I've never seen before, all in black.

Girls with honey blonde wispy hair that smells like heaven, a few boys puffing their chests out at me, - a  messy, crowded, unrehearsed, unplanned, just sitting around, leaning, waiting, talking, smoking - always smoking - drinking - always drinking.

Feel the rhythm with your hands
(Steal the rhythm while you can)
Speak the rhythm on your own
(Speak the rhythm all alone) spoonman

Me sitting on the back steps with you, just talking about nothing - trying to play it cool whilst you are just a picture of 19 year old perfection...