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What's your story with drinking?

I know from going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that sharing your personal story is very powerful.

Seeing complete strangers get up and share their drinking life and how they are surviving one day at a time really gets me thinking.  It's inspirational and helps me realize that I am not the only one with a drinking problem.

It is a real privilege to offer you a platform to share YOUR story - right here and now.

Sometimes it can be a turning point in your alcoholic journey to actually type down what you have been living with and how you have been coping just to see for yourself the first time that things might need to change.

It's completely anonymous if you like, and your responses can be as short or as detailed as you wish - there's only five questions to deal with.

1 - When did you stop drinking?  When was your last drink - this is a standard AA opening statement and it's worth keeping alive here.  I think it's really accountable to be sharing your last drinking event right at the start.

2 - What was the final straw?  I hope this isn't too graphic - but prompting you to share your rock bottom moment works again to break down any barriers and really establishes some humility and ego-space.

3 - How are you feeling right now?  It's good to focus on our sober feelings and recognize them as they are.  And to actually see us sharing this and typing it - again - this could be a first time for someone to share their feelings.

4 - Are you doing any personal development, group therapy or counselling?  Simply - it's soo much easier if you don't go it alone.  Any kind of assistance and support can multiply your chances of success - and struggling on solo is such "alcoholic thinking" - it's time to reach out and have the courage to be vulnerable.  You're worth it.'

5 - What would you share that works for you staying sober?  Regardless of how advanced you are in your sobriety, we're all here for each other - so put it out there and offer your best tips, advice and encouragement for others going through the same thing.  Be open and honest, that's all.

This is an opportunity for you to leave your impression and share with other readers.
You're welcome.  Click >here< to add your response as a comment.


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