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Two of my blogging friends have gone cold - they haven't posted in nearly a month now, which is very unusual.  I hope they aren't drinking again -  I hope they are just busy with other stuff, but I have a funny feeling.

It's not like we got to know each other outside of the blogosphere, but I still felt there was a connection, what with living with alcohol issues and sharing our thoughts online in this most intimate way with basically strangers.  It is a curious feeling listening and reading all about the struggles of moving away from alcohol when you have no real chance of over meeting in real life.  But it was a connection regardless and it is a loss of connection now that they have stopped updating.

It is remarkable that I will lie in bed at night and quote the name of the blog (for example I would call me Last 100 Days as an Alcoholic if I was talking about this blog) to my wife when i bring up what was written in conversation.  I'm not sure if this is a sad indicator of something, but there you go...

So it is a little disconcerting that a couple of the crowd have fallen silent.  I hope they come back, there is nothing to hide, just being honest and present is such a big part of the journey.

This is an image of the little mouse that has become part of our family - called either little whitey or snowflake depending on who you ask.  He is very tough and handles being carried around like a toy whenever the girls get the chance.  That he is still with us after four weeks is testament to his resilience.


  1. I have been fortunate enough to meet several bloggers. It is a wonderful, different kind of family and it is VERY sad when we lose one of our own. You have every right to be saddened and concerned.

  2. I hope your friends pop up soon and you find they've been on wonderful, self-nurturing vacations somewhere!

    I just found your site and love it! It's comforting to find someone out there who understands.

    I no longer drink because I have cirrhosis and am alive only by the skin of my teeth. There's no way I'd re-live the hell of the acute onset of cirrhosis and accompanying withdrawal.

    It's 17 months since my final vodka, but I'm only just now getting to the healing-the-soul part of the journey. Up till now it's been about getting my health back, and I'm doing great.

    I'm going to be a dedicated fan! Keep up your hard earned sobriety, and keep up your site!


  3. Found your site as I trawled the net for strenght / inspiration. Will keep checking -in, recognise so much of your journey.

  4. I haven't blogged much myself, and it is because of facebook I think. But facebook is like blogging in that it is embarassing and strange to talk about, and it has been five or so years since I started talking about a forum friend. I don't usually remember dreams but I think some are getting into my dreams now lol. I felt it when some bloggers disappeared, and now I have done it so that is sad. A place came to me probably a year ago or feels like it and sponsored me. It was a place that supports helping people with alcohol problems. I wonder how they recognised me as a suitable blog? Maybe because I don't talk about having a wine every night?

  5. Did you hear from your friends? I call you 'that nice Australian bloke' to Mr D!

  6. Thank you so very much for this post. I am back and I am sorry for being away for so long. I am 281 days sober, still going strong and have FINALLY posted after 1 month & 1 day away. Feeling a tad guilty. Mea Culpa.

  7. Oh well, is great to hear from you guys! Is good to see we are all still keeping it clean and mean and all that shit!

  8. It can be confusing trying to understand the behavior of others. I've learned through recovery that I'm powerless over all the nouns and pronouns in my life: people, places and things. That's what Step One reminds me.

    A big part of my serenity is acceptance. Not with resignation, but with grace towards myself. What another does or does not do, reflects where they are in the journey of life. It's a statement about them, not me.

    In real life, there are friends that have fallen off the world of my community of friends. Fortunately, I have several others who are a godsend of support.

    Using Step 11, I ask my Higher Power to reveal His will for me----what is He saying to me, through the circumstances of my life, including once close friends that I no longer see.

    I find it best turning my life over to Him. I trust He'll bring those people into my life that I need right now. And He does.

    The friends God gives me, He gives for free. They are consistent, dependable, gracious, have my back and love me unconditionally. I'm a lucky guy.

    Wishing you the best,


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