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FREE Live Workshop

Break free from alcohol with the one to one support, encouragement and experience of Bren Murphy Sober Coaching.

Personal Coach

Right now I am in the final semester of my personal coaching certification with my esteemed mentor Anne Hartley.

I come to personal coaching with a strong history working in clinical mental health, not to mention my journey of self discovery through my own recovery process.

Self Awareness

Personal coaching and sober coaching is all about improving your own self awareness.  As a starting point, the whole sober coaching process is driven by you - so as your self awareness widens, we have opportunities to go deeper.

Breaking free from addiction and harmful, hazardous drinking is not impossible, and no matter how exhausted or defeated you feel right now, there is a way forward.

Confidence and Motivation

A sober coach works with you to re-build the confidence and motivation to move away from your current actions.  A sober coach is a sounding board for your concerns and fears, and works alongside you in a meaningful therapeutic alliance.

FREE Live Workshop

Right now is a great time to tackle your limiting beliefs and self defeating actions.  I am hosting a group workshop on "Overcoming Fear; Life after Alcohol" scheduled for Wednesday 27 April and I would be really grateful for you to participate and interact with the group online.  It would be great to talk with you live!

It is my first live event online and I am really excited to be moving in this direction.

Please take am moment to email me at for registration details.

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