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Tuesday April 5 2016 5AM

5am - Woke up.  Second day after return from daylight savings - so have an expectation to be well rested and it turns out that I am well rested.

First thoughts are of returning to yoga mat after not having done a class for three days - (missed Saturday morning class) and I reassure mysefl I will be OK.

Next, I get out of bed and head for my morning pages writing.  Again I havemn't written mornign pages for three days, so there is that thought of losing momentum.  I let it go.

I am conscious of recording my thoughts in this modd diary, so I have a heightened sense of awareness around my thoughts.

I write about half a page before I hear footsteps and my six year old is standing behind me.  I feel I should tell her to go away, but then I override this with the thought that this will not happen everyday - and if I tell her to go away too often one day she will just stay away.  So I leave the morning pages and give Isla a long quiet cuddle, as we usually do when she wakes up extra early.

I let myself go and don't cling too hard to the routine of morning pages - after all hugging a 6 year old daughter is something we don't have access to forever.  So it is hugging this morning - not morning pages!  

We stay together and I let her be the one to release first - it is  slow and long and I have time to reflect and I set my intention today for kindness - as I have been doing regularly.  Actions of kindness - setting the intention and then taking opportunities throughout the day to be kind should they arise - and they do.

Eventually Isla moves a little to allow three year old Phoebe - blinking away her sleep and nestling in between us.  Then 8 year old Hazel arrives - all four of us nestled around my office - chakra soundscape quietly bubbling away in the background - quite and at peace.

I did have something to do but this is a special, moment and I am grateful to experience this - I am grateful for my awareness and patience that these moments won't be present every morning and this is a sacred moment in time.


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