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Bren Murphy - Sober in 100 Days Author and Speaker.
Humble beginnings...


When I started writing this blog back in 2010, my life was at a crossroads. 

I had given up on my authentic life, and was living a shadow life of paying bills, doing what I others expected of me.

Living like what I thought I should, patching together a hodge-podge of expectations into some sort of life.

I was fat, exhausted, over worked and seeking approval that was always just out of reach.

Then, one day I started to let go.  I remember surrendering completely and just seeing myself drift away from the shore, like I was letting the current just take me away.  

It was giving up, and resigning - and not in a good way.  I made the decision to drink and drink and drink and never stop.  Until it killed me.

As I spiralled down, I lost nearly everything in life.  But most important, and what I am only just now nurturing back to life, was my self belief.  

Nothing cruelled my self belief more than being in that constant foggy haze of drunkeness, or hungover, or scraping up the courage to buy alcohol when everyone else was having breakfast.  If you've been there, you might know how it feels to live at rock bottom.

And it went on like this for a few months - until I gave myself permission to forgive myself and heal. 

Lying there, staring at the ceiling of the ambulance, and having some paramedic shake me ask those dumb questions about the year and my name - and me stone-cold blinking - it was otherworldly.  

It wasn't me - that old me died there, that day in the back of the ambulance and, emerging all white and pasty after a week in rehab, I was new, vulnerable and hopelessly inadequate to face life as a non-drinking alcoholic.


That's when the real work began.  I read and read and listened and listened.  

Listened some more.  

Stopped talking and telling and making excuses or looking for ways to delay or postpone it.  

It started today, right here.  Right now.


I have documented most of the journey here in this blog and I get emails to this day from people inspired and challenged by the whole recovery process.  

What really helped me the most was writing a recovery blog.  So that's why I have decided to share the exact steps I have taken to create this blog, and dozens of others over the years.  

It's a genuine way to document your progress and the public domain adds a massive layer of accountability and meaningfulness.  It's not beyond you and you can take action right here, in private, and just tap away at the keyboard.  Nothing is as intimate or revealing as just putting your thoughts into words on the page.  #amwriting

I'd love you to come and check out some of my other projects - 

Ok, this is a big post, are you ready for this? Buckle up for the ride.

Look, I've noticed the comments here weren't being permitted/allowed, so I've adjusted some settings and all comments approved - so don't be shy - share YOUR project or blog below and PLEASE include a link back to your site!!  Anything I can do to promote new, up and coming blogs and new voices in recovery, let's do it!!

Thank you...

Oh, and finally, it is great to be counted among the luminaries and talents on the best blogs list - for another year.  I am grateful and humble that others find this outlet such a joy.

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  1. Congrats on the Healtline award! As of this Saturday 28 May I will be 2 years sober! I've been lurking here for a while and look forward to reading your older posts, finding out more about your current projects.

    1. Great news Lori K - it must feel so much different for you to be clear headed, calm and sober - and of course you appreciate just how much stopping drinking is only the start of the journey. Congratulations, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Way to go, Bren!
    Thank you for giving me a voice!!

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for being so open and brave and sharing your story - it is never easy to put yourself out there after holding back for so long. You have kept it all together so well you are living proof that you making change is possible!

  3. Great Blog Bren. Very inspirational.

  4. Hi Bren. I've been reading your blog and really enjoy it. I am in my second year of recovery. I started my own blog,, last year. This is very new to me, and I am seeking ways to get the word out about my blog. Can you offer any advice?


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