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A suggested book cover?

My name is Bren Murphy and I blog about my journey to sobriety.

I am offering you an invitation to collaborate on an book I am putting together to be 
published October 27 2015!  That's around 30 days.

The book is collection of sober writers (that's you and I and others) sharing their writing.

Each writer will answer the prompt

<  A trusted friend approaches you and reveals 
“I'm not sure I need to, but I think I need a 
break from drinking alcohol”  
What would you suggest?
What would you say to her? >

Your written response of between 300 and 1200 words will be published.

Please attach a bio and a link to your blog/website as well as one social media link.  I am
hoping I can publish images – but at this stage I am keeping images out of the book for ease
 of formatting.

At this stage the book will be either 99c or free – the idea is to have it as widely
distributed and spread as possible. I expect the book to be about 80 pages or so.

You will be able to distribute it as well, for example it will make a great giveaway
for readers to subscribe to your email list.

This concept was suggested to me by my mentor who said it works in other blog niches
(ie mommy blogs, lifestyle blogs, health and harmony blogs).  It is a great initiative
from within the community and participants will get to know each other and hopefully build
 some lasting connections.

This project is 100% about finding reasons to do it and execute and implement.  This project
 is not about discussing the best way forward or analysis paralysis.  Whilst I appreciate
you may have reservations about ownership of your writing or copyright concerns – look –
I'm not doing it with any ulterior motives.  It's an act of sharing, and being grateful for
where we are in sober recovery.

OK, one last thing  - would you like to be involved?  I am running multiple projects across
a few domains right now and this is a call out right off the bat to work with me on this one.

Let's do this - the concept is to launch this as an annual publication so it doesn't lose momentum.

Get in touch by email is the best way –

This project hinges on being completed and published in 30 days or less.
I have circled October 27 as the publish date, so act now please.

Here is the invite to the Facebook Group where I will keep you updated and you can see the book cover  go to that page and click the green
Join Group button please.

Look forward to collaborating with you on this one.


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