Kray Kray as in Patsy Cline

I come from a family where mental health is not discussed.

So when I put my hand up and called myself out for severe clinical depression - people ran like Kray Kray as in Patsy Cline to get away from me and all I was left with was dust and those sympathetic sad faces with looks of “Aww, so you can’t handle life - is that what it is?”

Next thing I was straight to self medicating with alcohol.  Just like Uncle Fred, Aunty Bet, and the rest - a depressive episode in the early twenties and no real recovery point then retire to a life of heavy drinking thereafter.

And the scorn of unfulfilled potential.  Even worse - unbridled scorn!!

The shame - the sheer, so deep you put rocks in your pockets and nearly drown in it, shame.

Overlooked, released, let go, forgotten.

From that point my drinking was seen as a natural thing to do - I was a bit mental and I drank.  My life was mapped out for me by my family.

So I self medicated and drank and just got fat and older.


I’ve actually snapped out of it and changed my life completely.

I’ve cut the stigma and faced the shame and in the process confronted some of the big family bullies and sat them down on their narcissistic behinds.

It’s been very satisfying, but also, once all the screeching and screaming stopped - a little quiet and I’ve had to make a new life for myself.  New friends, no more heavy drinkers.

I’ve just published another video - It’s 17 minutes of my face and some pretty powerful stuff that will change the way you look at your recovery and the addiction to alcohol thing.  I’d love you to watch it and come along on this journey with me.

Are you up for it?

First, I want to give you my stop drinking checklist for free - go to my website, click the red button, and enter your email.

See you on the inside.


  1. I get those looks and comments from some family members too.

  2. Hey KB, it comes with the territory - sooner you can get over what other people think of you - sooner you can start getting better! Let's do this!
    Thanks Bren


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