Be Relentlessly Yourself

 How My Anxiety Led to Alcoholism
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I'm meeting new people every week who are turning their lives around after going sober and leaving alcohol behind.

Coming back from the brink of alcohol is almost the price of admission to a more full and truly amazing life.

It's as though until you have seen the depths and peered into the maw of the monster, it's like you are just paddling around in the shallows.

Life can be pretty safe certain and tantalizingly out of touch if you don't dive in deep.

I'm guessing you know that I have completely let go and opened up about my journey into drinking and how I tried vaingloriously (is that still a word?) to balance the complete alcoholic with family man, business and father and how it all came to a shuddering halt when I found myself in a psych hospital ward.

Sober, here we come.

The best advice I heard this week - Be Relentlessly Yourself.

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  1. Vainglorious is indeed still a word, I witness it every day as people hold up their relentless accomplishments as testimonial that their drinking is not a problem. If only they knew that they didn't have to work so hard, that life is so much easier when we finally put the bottle down. There's nothing left to prove.

  2. HI KM, I'm seeing it like changing careers - you step off the gravy train doing one drudge career once you get a glimpse of how soul crushing it is to patiently step up the career ladder. It's like that stopping drinking - next, you have blue sky and limitless opportunity to reinvent yourself and strike forward. Onward ho! fearlessly!


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