Zebra Crossing the Mighty River

zebra crossing the mighty river
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You know what you want
you know everything
what to eatwhere to exercise
where to live
how to quit booze
the career or business you want
the partner you want
your relationship status

Yet you still don't take action? It's far more
comfortable to stay in the same place and
suffer some anxiety and angst at times so
long as you don't have to go outside your comfort zone

You can fake it most of the time -hey - that's what everyone else does - right?
So you do nothing - you stay in your current situation - which is OK after all
(it's not like you're packing shelves) - but it just doesn't have that spark
but that's what everyone does at this stage of life -
we just put up with the cards we're dealt - we're sort of stuck with -
making excuses about
its for the kids
once the mortgage is paid off
once i get a promotion
or an inheritance
or a redundancy
the credit card is paid off
so you do nothing
maybe drinking a little extra to celebrate the glorious "stuckness" of your life
or getting caught up in some frantic exercise schedule to keep you distracted
or you plan some extravagant holiday so you can get out of the present
or build another life with an affair, or an online game, or a tv show...
moment by moment losing yourself - 
all the time kidding yourself about this imaginary better future 
When life - your best, most beautiful, thinnest, fittest, most intelligent,
most powerful and most free version of yourself is you right here and now - this very second.  Not even a minute away.  NOW - here.

BUT - so long as the wheels don't fall off, and you can keep grinning at the right times - that's it.
You cruise along until
or a health scare
or some unlucky tragedy
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