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Live Wednesday Webinar with Bren Murphy
Live Workshop Webinar - Invitation

Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily.
Thomas Szasz 

Crossing the line into personal coach from recovery advocate is a subtle change.  I have been a recovery advocate for long enough to know that people stop drinking or continue to drink for their own reasons.
It is too much to expect any one person to be truly moved to the point where they make substantial life changes based purely on what you might say or do writing in a blog for instance, or a book or giving a talk.
The most we can hope for is to colour their next decision, so that maybe, among the chorus of voices and advisors ringing in their ears, they might not pick up, or might delay an episode.
But working in this space has never been about results - or individual results - it's always about putting it out there and safely knowing that somehow, somewhere, you might have made a difference.
As for specifically helping X to quit, or helping to guide P through a situation - well, that is something at arm's length.
Here's where things have changed for me.  Personal Coaching is not so much about putting vague, generalized notions out there and moving on.  Instead, personal coaching is about actually connecting on a personal level (duh..) and helping firsthand to get through the obstacle.

It's about growth, action and responsibility.  And that is another step forward for me personally.
Bren Murphy The Personal CoachRight now I'm designing a live Webinar Wednesday Group Workshop session and I'm seeking participants to come along and have a chat.  It's a safe haven for healing and growth and a starting point for personal development based exploration of recovery, sobriety and the whole healing space.

Live Webinar Presentations

The best thing I have learned about Live Webinar presentations, (and I have been involved in many) is that a small, live workshop video call is by far the most effective in a personal coaching setting.  We can see each other as though we are sitting around a table, and interact and share out stories and live.  

It's the most authentic and supportive environment there is, and you're invited to come along.  I'm holding these workshops each Wednesday between now and the end of the year, I'm hoping to reach out to a few hundred people and make some lasting, powerful connections.

I'm inviting all my connections to come along and guest host with me, so if you feel yo would like to play a role, come along and reach out to me at (just replace the e in bren with a 3, as in br3n)  Or you can message me direct on Bren Murphy on Facebook or Bren Murphy on Google plus or Bren Murphy on Twitter

Wednesday Webinar - Live Group Video Workshop

It would be really great to meet some of you in person, you can choose your level of anonymity, first name basis etc.

" At some point, you must just do it, and from the doing, learn" 

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