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Getting Sober at Forty.  

How to stop drinking, get fit, stay married, reconnect with your children, and enjoy life, be real, and not just regurgitate a whole pile of shit from somewhere else.

I'm going to a public speaking class tonight - (it's the first night class I have taken since the ill-fated Spanish Guitar fiasco of 2002) and I'm honing my craft to be a better public speaker.  Excited - yes - nervous - yes - passionate - of course.  It's a step away from an alcoholic based meeting public speaking - so it will be out of my comfort zone.

I need to learn how to wave my hands the right way to move you emotionally.  How to speak with that low growl and build a crescendo where listeners will be pretending not to wipe tears from their eyes.  How to talk to chubby execs who are loafing through a training day and connect - not as a park bench drunk but as a person emerging from a dormant life into the full, radiant sunshine of sobriety.

It's mind blowing and terrifying at the same time and I just have this nagging feeling that it is completely ego-maniac-overload; but it's not.  It's what I have to do to take this to the next level.  People want to know and hear my story wherever I go - even if it is just to see a real live person talk about living with alcohol and then having the guts to make eye contact.

I'm awkward and raw and stumbling and stuttering right now and I'm not trying to be anything other than myself as I know people really connect with that.  More on this after the meeting.

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