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Your intuition is your greatest untapped resource. I don't know if you are anything like me - but I clouded and blocked my intuition from clear expression through alcohol, coffee, over eating, anxiety, false-love, and ego.

The most common distraction for me was to delay and deny myself.

I didn't follow my intuitive urge to grow in certain directions - using excuses like

* I don't have "enough" just yet - once I have "enough" then I will make the shift...

* I did not recognise the intuitive signal as authentic - and instead put it down to something else like "grass is always greener" or being "ungrateful with my lot in life" or having a "mid-life crisis" or being "never satisfied"...

* I hadn't earned it yet - lilke I had to do another training, or endure more suffering , or prove my loyalty for longer...

My intuition was trying to flower and I kept finding ways to shade it, to starve it from light and growth and never let it's full potential blossom...

So here's what helped me.

I learned that intuition is about making decisions - not delaying or denying things.

I learned that intuition is making decisions based on your accumulated experience and judgement, AND also seizing the opportunity with mindful presence.

That opportunity present right now might not be available ever again in your life - even as far as a week into the future.

And I learned that once I took a decision and immersed myself into it - I was not stuck forever on that new path - That failing quickly and knowing when an intuitive insight is not quite right means you always have the option to go back so long as you have not burned all your bridges.

Intuition - what is your intuition calling you towards?

Want consistent growth on your project, goal or training? Does making week on week measurable growth towards your target seem like a distant dream? I used to be the same. And then something changed.

My door is open....

Bren Murphy #mindfulness #lifecoach

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