Fulfilment Seekers

Too often we let our life choices be dictated by popular opinions - or what everyone else is doing.

So we might send our kids to school we can't afford, or we move to a new suburb for a bigger or flatter backyard, or we go on holiday to the place that everyone seems to be going to...

But following the herd is full of errors, and prejudice and opinions that simply aren't based on much other than status anxiety, keeping up with the Joneses or maintaining some kind of ego needs.

Sound familiar?  And is there an alternative?

Chasing what you think you ought to be doing based on someone else's highlight reel leaves you feeling strangely empty.  The answer is to look a llittle deeper (gulp!) and discover yourself and your values.

Once you strengthen you self knowledge - you won't be victim to your feelings so much.  Self mastery will set you free - because you will know what you want.

That's where you bounce your ideas off someone else who has no agenda, nothing to gain or lose by the decisions you choose.

Let's face it, Are you really seeking massive wealth or fame and status - or a sense of making a difference and belonging?

Welcome to The Life Coach

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